Honeymoon in China’s Shanghai and Beijing

Boat in ShanghaiHave you ever dreamed of going to China? Walking on the great wall? Touring the Forbidden City? Well now you can with this amazing travel package. Spend 9 days in Beijing and Shanghai for an unbeatable price.

Your package will include airfare from Los Angeles or Houston including all taxes and fees, all transportation in China, hotel stay at a 4 and 5 star hotel, breakfast daily, plus one lunch, tour guides and entrance fees.

Not enough for you? Upgrade your trip to include a visit to Hong Kong.

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Cruise or an All-Inclusive Resort for your Honeymoon?

cruise or resortCruise or an all-inclusive resort? This is a common question couples planning a honeymoon might ask. The answer depends on what exactly you are looking for. Each option has both good and bad points to them. Here are some things to consider:


Although a cruise may look cheaper than an all-inclusive resort there are many extra costs to a cruise that you may not have known about.

On a cruise, you have to pay for alcoholic drinks and even soda. Also port charges, tips, gratuities and transportation when you are at a port will not be included in your cruise ship price.

On the other hand, all-inclusive resorts include the cost of all food, drinks (including alcoholic drinks), taxes, tips and gratuities in the price. The only things not included in a resort would be things like spa treatments, parasailing, boat rides, etc. However, most resorts will list the cost of these so that you know how much you will have to pay to add these to your trip.


Another question is how do you want to spend your days? Do you want to sleep late and take things at a leisurely pace? Then a cruise may not be for you as there is a rigorous schedule to follow often involving very early port times.

Or do you like to have things well planned out for you? Then maybe you would like a cruise.


Do you feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable around crowds? If so, a cruise may not be for you. You will have a tiny room – often without a window (because a window cabin is so much more expensive) – and there will be hundreds of people with only a finite amount of space around the ship.


Here is where cruises really shine. If you want variety of scenery and different locations and experiences, a cruise may be for you because you will often visit three or more ports.

At a resort you will stay in the same place for the entire trip.

Just remember: On a cruise, although you get to go to different ports you will at least spend an equal amount of time on the ship traveling.

Sea sickness

If you get any kind of motion sickness, a cruise would be a bad idea unless you get medications to prevent sickness.

Making the Decision

These are just a few things to consider when deciding if you want to go on a cruise or stay at an all-inclusive resort. I can’t say one is better than the other because it really just depends on what you want. So enjoy that honeymoon!

Great Honeymoon Deals on Las Vegas Hotel and Criss Angel Show Tickets

Discount HotelStay in a 950 square foot suite at a 4-star hotel near the Las Vegas strip for just $99 per night — that’s 45% off the regular price! You will need to act fast as this is a limited time offer. Get all the details and reserve your suite

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Galapagos Islands Honeymoon — Book Now to Save $400 each!

blue-footed bubi

Blue-Footed Bubi of the Galapagos Islands

Honeymoon in the natural Galapagos Islands paradise that is home to giant tortoises, blue-footed bubis,  pelicans, sea lions, iguanas, sea turtles, penguins, and many other remarkable creatures.

This unique natural habitat has inspired the imaginations of everyone who has had the privilege to step foot on these islands — including Charles Darwin. What will you discover in this secluded honeymoon exotica?

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Honeymoon on Hawaii Islands Oahu and Maui

Waikiki Beach 7 Pools of Oheo Maui Hawaii 

Oahu and Maui are islands of honeymoon paradise located in Hawaii. Oahu features the beautiful Waikiki beach, opportunities to snorkel in volcanic craters,  historic Pearl Harbor, and the nightlife of Honolulu. Maui offers visions of tropical fish and exotic coral painting the ocean with the colors of the rainbow, culinary treasures such as Kona lobster, and plenty of live music choices including reggae, jazz, and Hawaiian slack-key bands.

While in Hawaii on either of these islands, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional luau on the beach and don a lei.

Here is a very well priced package deal including a honeymoon experience on both of these islands that you will never forget: Honeymoon on Hawaii’s Oahu and Maui Deal

Save $800 on Mayan Riviera Resort in Mexican Caribbean

Couple at Ocean Maya RoyaleFound a sweet deal in the Mexican Caribbean. The promo code BEACH400 will save each of you $400 on your reservation at the honeymoon resort on the Mayan Riviera. You will also get spa service credits with your reservation.

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15 Night South America and Panama Canal Cruise – Act now to save $1800

This is the best honeymoon deal I’ve seen in a long time and not only is the space limited but the offer expires by this Friday so listen up and take action fast if you want in on this:

The cruise will take you through the Panama Canal and down the western coast of South America with ports of call at Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Chile.

Your flight from and back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida is included in this special offer. Plus the first 5o reservations made by the deadline of March 25, 2011 will also receive $150 in onboard credit.

This three day special will save you $1800 off the regular price for this 15 day cruise.

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Amazing Honeymoon Deals at Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach SCMyrtle Beach is an excellent destination for honeymooners who want to comb the beaches and hit the waves together.

Here are three great deals for you to consider for huge savings for the honeymoon deal of a lifetime!

Here they are in order of savings:

3 Nights at Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort for a Total of just $59 (less than $20 a night!)

Oceanfront room at Myrtle Beach plus free bowling for $39 per Night

Upscale 1-Bedroom Condo on North Myrtle Beach for just $89 per night

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Honeymoon in India — Home to the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

Welcome to the home of the Taj Mahal, which was built as a monument of love to his wife by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

India will heighten your sense of romance as you visit the world’s most famous monument to love, snap photos of the Pink City, stroll through a rural village, explore Old and New Delhi, and possibly ride an elephant on your way to see the Hall of Mirrors.

Best of all, if you act now, you can enjoy a 9 day tour for between $999 and $1299 p/p (including airfare!). Prices depend on the season for which you schedule your honeymoon. To learn about the best seasons to honeymoon in India, see the Lonely Planet’s guide to India’s seasonal weather.

See a detailed itinerary and learn more about this special offer: Honeymoon in India

Incredible India Video

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